On March 13th, the voters of Windham have the opportunity to vote “Yes” on Article 4—to purchase Clyde Pond and Ashton Woods, two properties abutting, or near to, the Windham High School. These lands comprise over 98 acres and include two Right-of-Ways, two parking lots, and many recreational features.

The purchase price is $2 million and will be paid for with a 15-year bond that will be paid off largely, if not entirely, from funds that the Conservation Commission receives from Current Use Taxes over the coming years. Other funds may come from State grants.


The Clyde Pond property borders the north side of the High School. The approximate 60-acre parcel currently has an approved subdivision for 20 houses with construction slated to start this Spring. If Article 4 passes, these houses will never be built.

Given its natural beauty and unique land features, the subdivision plan currently envisions an activities-focused “Nature Park” on the undeveloped portion of the parcel. With the passage of Article 4, this park will open to all of Windham.


The Park features Clyde Pond, a clean, swimmable four-acre pond that is 20 feet deep in places. The gravel-lined pond has clear running water all year, and is a popular swimming hole in the summer. It has been stocked with trout and is a popular place to fish, as well.

On the north side the bank falls off very rapidly—perfect for the rope swing that has been in place there for 20 years.

In addition, several open areas have been cleared around the pond, one large enough to play ball, and there will be two picnic tables.

The Park also features the 100-foot Clyde Hill right next to the pond. The slope was logged in 2006 (during the London Bridge Road construction) it became clear how well the north-facing slope held snow all winter—and that it would be a great spot for winter activities. Perhaps offering the only public sledding hill in town.


Ashton Woods is another, almost 40-acre parcel, that would be donated to the Conservation Committee under Article 4. This property lies to the south of the High School and stretches from Castle Hill Road to London Bridge Road.

Like Clyde Park, it features a special body of water, a 1.5 acre pond right off of Castle Hill Road connected to a 25-acre marsh laced with beaver canals.

The marsh is particularly spectacular in winter when one is able to walk out and explore the channels that weave through the brush.

A Winter Walk  ON the Marsh Trails:


Clyde Pond and Ashton Woods contain an extensive network of almost 10 miles of largely double-wide trails. These trails are used by everyone—the High School Cross Country Team practicing, residents walking dogs, mountain bikers, and walkers enjoying nature.

Of particular interest is The London Bridge Trail, which runs from Castle Hill Road, to Clyde Pond, to Center School. This trail is 3.5 miles long and goes along both Ashton and Clyde ponds and two large marshes. It does cross London Bridge Road at the top of the hill, but other than that, hikers would barely see a house along the way. Truly, something that takes one back to the Rural Oasis that Windham once was.

“…It’s one of those things where when it’s gone, you can’t get it back…When you purchase a piece of land like this…it’s in perpetuity…and 50,100 years from now somebody can use this property. I think this property is unique and the town should save it.”
“I think it would be great if the Town would purchase this property. I’d love to see it preserved.”

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